Sri Yantra: The Oregon Desert Mystery

Narrated by PETER COYOTE
In 1990, who or what carved an intricate 1/4 mile diameter design in a dry desert lake bed? The discovery in the Alvord Desert by National Guard pilots flying over eastern Oregon, created an international media sensation and ignited controversy still debated to this day. Geometrically perfect, it invoked similarities to the Nazca Lines of Peru and the conspiracies surrounding crop circles.

Narrated by Emmy Award winner Peter Coyote, and featuring interviews and restored footage never before seen by the public, the film reveals the definitive origin of the design's creation. Who did it, how they did it, and why is told in a story that touches on art, sacred geometry, ingenuity, and spirituality. A unique story in American history, the film also explores the conspiracy theories that have surrounded the design for over 30 years.