“Dear friends, let us speak of horizons. What else could we speak about?” “I think I owe almost everything to a few horizons from my early years. Distant as well as near horizons, wide open ones, under large clouds, as much as those removed from the curve of the river of somber waters.”
Yves Bonnefoy, French poet and art historian (1923–2016)
The quote above by French poet Yves Bonnefoy reminded me of how much the desert’s horizon line has shaped Bill’s life. Bonnefoy published a book called The Inner Territory where he equates the spatial experience awakened by a landscape’s horizon line with the inner voyage that it inspires in the silent and watchful dweller.

The poet speaks of a resonance between a landscape’s vast horizon and the inner territories in a person’s psyche yet unexplored. If one thinks about how much the horizon’s colossal scale invites introspection, we come to realize that our inner territory mirrors that very plane of consciousness where spirit meets Mother Earth and finds a quiet, undeniable resonance.

Learn more about Bill’s exploration of the desert and what led to the book’s six-decade gestation period in this engrossing interview with Rich Archer, Buddha at the Gas Pump.

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