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Enter Space: Stories from the High Desert is that rare look at a life that unfolds in the solitary vastness of the desert. “Bill’s stories have layers that you sense, rather than see . . . Something timeless runs through them . . . It’s almost like Bill sought to write them before he himself disappears into the sagebrush wind that sweeps the wide open desert playa.”

Enter Space is a collection of 27 short stories and 108 photographs of the high Oregon desert collected in five books, each one a distinct theme—awakenings, longings, flights, gifts, and invocations—that provide the context for the alchemical quality the vast landscape has on the perception and observations of the solitary desert dweller.

Finally available as a limited edition, the book stands as a tribute to the blessings received by the Great Basin, the land and unique topography that cradled and ushered these transformative experiences.

Uncover the secrets of the high steppe desert through the stories of one man who resonated with its vastness. Reserve your copy with a preorder today.


Book Only ($95 USD)

• Limited printing book in custom designed collectible box (750 copies)
Limited Edition—Signed Book & Audio ($150 USD)
• Numbered and signed by the artist (250 copies)
• Includes Enter Space Audiobook download (readings by the author)
• Includes Original Music download (composed and performed by Andrew Murray)
Limited Edition Plus—Signed Book, Audio, and Photographic Print ($250 USD)
• Numbered and signed fine art photograph of the high desert by the artist from the September 2023 Art52 Gallery Exhibit (29 images; 10 signed copies per image only)
• Printed on 18" x 24" archival photographic paper with archival inks
• Plus the numbered and signed book, audio and music
Book Inside » Enter SpaceBook Inside » Enter Space
Book » Enter Space
Music by Andrew Murray

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