Enter Space, the book, is the result of a collaboration. It would not and could not have happened otherwise. There are four of us: David Navarrete, Franca Bator, Andrew Murray, and Bill Witherspoon. All of us have worked together at the same company, Sky Factory, and over the years, we have come to appreciate each other’s many talents.

The stories in Enter Space were not written with an expectation of their publication. David, an excellent writer, editor, and C suite marketer, knowing that they were being written, asked to read a few. That led to his insistence that they should be published as a book. It was his assertion that since they recorded a decades-long transformative process, one that has been occurring in a rarely encountered environment, they would be of interest and value to others.

Knowing her graphic design skills, her love for typography and the world of print, it was natural to ask Franca to design the book. As a visual artist, the author wondered if it would be possible to select desert images from his archives that would somehow reinforce the essential character of each story. Doing that became a project for all four of us.

Would it also be possible that music might respond to and emerge from the deep silence of the Oregon high desert? In addition to being a talented creator and developer of photographic images, Andrew an extraordinary experimental classically trained musician has done just that.

Working together for several years, Enter Space: Stories from the High Desert has now emerged in a unique print form. We hope you will find it enjoyable and useful.