In 1961, a nineteen year-old travelled to Eastern Oregon’s High Desert—the western edge of the 200,000 square mile Great Basin. There, in North America’s largest endortheic watershed, a vast, arid expanse wherein life thrives at its most minimal, he became a deeply entwined symbiont.

Though he would leave the desert many times over the ensuing six decades, the spirit of the place—its Genius Loci—would pull him back, back into its vastness, its remoteness, and—its magic.

Just as the desert’s patterns tell of the forces that shape this place, so ENTER SPACE stands as a record of life transformed by nature’s mysterious alchemy.

The twenty-seven stories and 108 photographs from the High Desert stand as a record of the artist’s experience.

This testimony, saturated by the land that witnessed these events, is a doorway to the desert, to exile, purification, and possibly self-discovery.

These are not the words of the artist, but the whispers of others who have walked through this doorway, to the heart of the desert.

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